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Fluid Furniture   2022

A series of wood seats and benches for small spaces in the home. 

V Seat.jpg
CE Chair

CE 2 Chair, CE 3 Chair    2016

Variations on the Charles & Ray Eames DAX armchair

Meuble libre Chairs

Meuble Libre   2011

A series of chairs made from raw materials left on the street, used as is. The shape and

nature of the objects, created immediately & spontaneously on the spot, were determined by the materials available at that moment, the place where they were found and the basic tools available.

Once the objects were created, they were left free, on the spot, available to everyone and anyone.

Up Chair

UP chair

Objets Synonymes project about appropriating and extending the function of certain objects to create new objects. 

Metal chair that adapts to the needs of the user using beechply loops that can be fixed either up or down. 

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