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Quelques meubles pour espaces réduits : Galerie Genie de la Bastille - Paris 2024


Fluide : Galerie Éphémère/Centre Tignous d’Art Contemporain – Paris, 2022

An exhibition of furniture elements driven by the notion of fluidity: an open-ended development where both the designer and the end-user contribute to the creative process. This is in contrast to a static design where the objects are predetermined by the designer to meet a defined and unique use.


This series of varied pieces made from wood: seats, benches, tables, shelves, etc., can be seen as a first proposal open to other interpretations. The forms presented, far from being fixed, thus offer a field of possibilities in terms of adapting the look of the object and also how that object could be used.


The end-user can therefore choose to appropriate and personalise the pieces by adapting or modifying or deforming the furniture. All the elements are white so colour can also be used to change their aspect.

In effect, the end user has the possibility to become the co-designer.  


A separate room also presents a selection of photographs of daily life taken over several years in different countries; these images collectively served as the catalyst and inspiration for the exhibited objects.

Fluid pile
Fluid photo room
Jeremy Edwards Fluide_edited.jpg
Fluide expo1.jpg

Displacement Now ! 3331 Arts Chiyoda  – Tokyo, 2019

Variations on a traditional Japanese stool where the user is encouraged to use and modify the furniture intuitively

3331 2.jpg
3331 3.jpg
3331 5.jpg
3331 4.jpg
3331 6.jpg
3331 7.jpg
3331 9.jpg
3331 8.jpg
3331 15.jpg
3331 16.jpg
3331 17.jpg
3331 10.jpg
3331 11.jpg
3331 12.jpg
3331 13.jpg
3331 14.jpg
3331 22.jpg
3331 23.jpg
3331 22a.jpg
3331 18.jpg
3331 19.jpg
3331 19.jpg
3331 20.jpg

Minna Gallery - San Francisco, 2019

A series of furniture where the user is encouraged to complete the object by adding/taking away/changing/interpreting the elements according to their own personal preferences. The user becomes a co-designer.

For the Minna Gallery event, the pieces were used for live performance activations by dancer-choreographers Gerald Casel and Erika Tsimbrovsky.

Minna 1.jpg
Minna 4.jpg
Minna 8.jpg
Minna 5.jpg
Minna 7.jpg
Minna 6.jpg
Minna 9.jpg
Minna 10.jpg
Genie des Jardins

Le Génie des Jardins, Paris

Utopia   2014 

The project, consisting of a series of elements made of wood, allows people to see, listen, and feel things from a different and unexpected point of view. Wooden seats are installed in various parts of a public square. Each element is different and encourages a different position or point of view: lying down, elevated to the sky, in a discreet place, etc.

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Installation Utopia

Installation Utopia

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Land art 1

Les Rencontres du Land Art et de la Ville, Paris

Changer d'air, changer d'ère   2013 

Gallery Bensimon

Gallery S. Bensimon, Paris
Designers Days   2013
Furniture installation where, at the end of the exhibition, people were free to take away and keep any objects they wanted.

Naco Gallery

Naço Gallery, Paris
Meuble Libre   2011
An exhibition of furniture made from raw materials left on the street, used as is. The shape and nature of the objects, created immediately & spontaneously on the spot, are determined by the materials available at that moment, the place where they were found and the basic tools available.
"It is not unusual these days to come across by chance curious furniture on street corners: spontaneous, urban objects - seats, shelves, tables, etc by Jeremy Edwards assembled and exhibited in situ on the street.
Meuble Libre is about furniture items made from a given pile of discarded material. The form and nature of the items, made immediately and spontaneously in situ, are determined by the materials available at that moment, the place where they were found and the tools at hand. Once the pieces are finished, they are left in place to be re-claimed by anyone who wants them”.
A sort of “street design”, generous and free to take, free to use like free software, as if the pieces of vernacular design discarded in the street were a huge domain of formal code to be manipulated, broken, reconfigured and from it generate new forms.

Meuble Libre proposes a reflection, which gives a vision of accessible design, approachable by everyone and evolving, as a consequence, into a questioning of dogmatic design. It is particularly the creative method of making, how objects develop and can be interpreted and the appropriation of those objects by others, which interests the designer Jeremy Edwards – including the constraints imposed by the given materials and the urban context  – all as open to change as the furniture to which he gives a second life. An exhibition “manifeste” which references projects by Tord Boontje, Martino Gamper, Enzo Mari and Gabriel" Orozco.

Museum rotterdam

Boijmans van Beuningen Museum, Rotterdam

Solutions for today   2002

Archi Museum, Stockholm

Architectural Museum, Stockholm

Design utan Designer     2001


VIA, Paris

Utilitaires    2000

“After discovering this research work, the VIA gave Jeremy Edwards the opportunity to present his photographs of utilitarian objects based on everyday elements, juxtaposing them with manufactured products echoing them.

This exhibition allows us to perceive the amplitude of the field which exists between spontaneous creation and industrial creation. Its provocative nature does not try to supplant the reality of a daily environment composed of eclectic objects, whose meaning and symbolic value are at least as important as their use.”

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