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Meuble Libre   2011

A series of objects made from raw materials left on the street, used as is. The shape and nature of the objects, created immediately & spontaneously on the spot, are determined by the materials available at that moment, the place where they were found and the basic tools available. Once the objects are created, they are left free, on the spot, available to everyone and anyone.

Outdoor seating system

Meuble libre Table/chair
Squeeze Table
Spin low table
Open low Table
Collect Tables
Cork Table

Steel table with plastic sheets.

Squeeze books, magazines, newspapers, etc between the sheets.

SPIN Low table
Steel base with interchangeable ceramic plates.

OPEN Low table
The base can be adjusted to take different diameter tabletops - 40cm, 60cm & 80cm.

COLLECT tables
Steel tables with felt storage bags.

The bags can be left up, folded down or used apart to create different storage spaces.

CORK table
Steel table with removable corks allowing

the table to become a vase for flowers.

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